The Cost of the signs are: $55 for the 12", $95 for the 16" and $175 for the 24". MA sales tax is 6.25% and the cost for shipping the sign is $14. Signs typically take 2 weeks to complete.

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Each sign made is customized for every person that orders a sign from us. Made out of 1/2 inch PVC plastic, the signs are routed on our CNC carving machine. The graphics are then created on the computer and printed on a large format printer. After the sign is finished carving on the CNC machine, the vinyl is applied to create the finished product. The cost of the sgns are $55 for a 12" sign, $95 for a 16" sign and $175 for a 24" sign. If you enter the cost of the signs to the calculator, it will add MA state sales tax and shipping to the cost of the sign. Please watch our videos located on the other tabs on this web page.


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